Preparation Courses

Preparation Courses for International Student

Graduate School, Khon Kaen University

(Duration April – July each year)

**Optional Course**


                       Graduate School,Khon Kaen University accepts international students to study in postgraduate programs. Normally, the students are from different countries and obtain different basic knowledge, so the Graduate School held the project of preparation courses training for international students in order to establish basic knowledge which consist of Intensive English, Thai Language and Culture, Research Methodology Orientation, Library Orientation and Computer Skill Training. Moreover, the students will be invited to participate orientation and cultural trip. This project will be beneficial for students in both ways; study and live happily on campus. 


Training Courses & Activities

The training courses and activities are divided into 3 parts; academic training courses, orientation, and cultural trip.


1. Academic training courses

Academic training courses is provided for the student to learn about general basic knowledge before starting of the program at the faculty. There are 4 courses as follows;

            1) Intensive English                                                               60 hours

Course Description: Listening, speaking, reading and writing for academic purposes

* The student who completed this course will be considered as he/she passed English criterion according to the regulations ofKhonKaenUniversity.  


            2) Thai Language and Culture                                              180 hours

Objectives of the courses: To instruct the international students basic Thai including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and to advise the students to understand Thai culture and social.

This course is separated for general international students and Laotian students.


-Thai Language Class for Laotian Students

ThaiReadingand Writing I          60 hrs.

ThaiReadingand Writing II        60 hrs.

ThaiReadingand Writing III       60 hrs.

Thai Language Class for International Students

Basic Thai Language and Culture I          60 hrs.


            3) Library Orientation and Computer Skill Training           30 hours

      Course Description: Importance of information ; determining the informatio requirements; selecting information sources and resources; searching and retrieving information by using technological tools; analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating the information; writing and communicating the information in effective and appropriate formats, and computer skills for academic purpose.


            4) Research Methodology                                                      30 hours

Course Description: Definition and importance of research, types of research, process of research, preparation of research proposal, statistics and its applications in research, population, sample and sampling techniques, data collection and analysis, writing and presentation of research report.


2. Cultural Trip

Traveling to interesting and wonderful places inThailandwill be held once a year. There are 2 routes for choices;         

Route 1 : West (Khon Kaen – Bangkok – Nakhonprathom - Prachuapkirikhan)

- Bangkok; Prasrirattanasatsadaram temple

- Nakhonprathom; Pra pathom pagoda, Nakhonprathom palace, Wax figure museum

- Ratchaburi; Floating market

- Prachuapkirikhan; Hua Hin beach and night market


Route 2 : Central – East (Khon Kaen – Pranakhon Sri-ayutthaya – Chonburi)

- Pranakhon Sri-ayutthaya; Prasrisanphet , Praram, Chaiwattanaram temple

- Chonburi; Pattaya beach, Lan island, Aquarium



1. Payment for Preparation Program                     30,000 Baht (or 1,000 USD)

          (Including Cultural Trip)





Duration (Approximate)

Instruct in




Thai Reading and Writing

Library Orientation and Computer Skill Training

Research Methodology






Intensive English




Cultural Trip




Basic Thai Language and Culture




Enrollment and Registration

End of July



Beginning of 1st Semester 







Ms.Nanthiya Silachai

International Relations Officer

Graduate School (the 3rd floor of Academic Center), Khon Kaen University,

Muang, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Tel. (66) 0-4320-2420  ext. 42436  Fax. (66) 0-4320-2421

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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