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Innovative Higher Education to Enhance Graduate Employability

Innovate Higher Education to Enhance Graduate Employability

31st July – 3rd August 2017, Asia Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

The workshop is designed to discuss about how to innovate higher education for higher graduate employability in the knowledge economy. This proposal is triggered by the internationalisation of higher education and current socio-economic development of Thailand, where higher education is struggling to compete with its partners in the Asian region in terms of students’ learning outcomes, particularly their employability.

This workshop will be important and timely for Thailand and the UK researchers, policy makers, businesses and communities to share and discuss scientifically what should be done to secure win-win solutions for improving the quality of higher education, increasing students’ employability, and boosting the economy at the same time. The immediate benefit of the workshop is to provide higher education and policy makers a big picture of the interconnectedness among research, teaching, and industrial partnerships that has been neglected in Thailand for so long. The long-term benefit of the workshop is to promote further collaborations between the UK and Thai researchers in connection with industries in the area of higher education innovation for sustainable development





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