Program Description

DEGREE PROGRAM: Master’s Program in Rural Development Management 

DEGREE OFFERED: Master of Rural Development Management (M.R.D.M.) 

The Master’s program in Rural Development Management intends to produce post-graduates who are qualified as follows:

       3.1 Being able to understand principles and theories of rural development as a multi-disciplinary science, and able to apply the principles and theories of rural development management by inculcating knowledge and experience from former careers.
       3.2 Skilled in management, development plan establishment, development project settlement, as well as conducting and analyzing research on the physical circumstances, society, economy, culture, technology and environment of an individual locality.
       3.3 Have good attitudes towards rural development management and have a sense of initiative about self-development, and defined social skills in the areas of human interaction and leadership.

Khon Kaen University, Graduate School 

One (1) academic year (15 months) (starting in August each year) 

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:
       1. Posses a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any related field
       2. Proficient in English
       3. At least three (3) years of professional experience in rural development
       4. Preferably not over 45 years of age 


       1. Two (2) copies of the Application Form sealed with 2 photos
       2. Two (2) references in signed and sealed envelopes
       3. Transcripts of studies in English
       4. English language certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS), if available
       5. A brief proposal for an independent study, including a topic, statement of the problems, objectives and expectations 

The course comprises 36 credits, including 18 credits of required courses (Rural Development Theories; Politics and Economics of Rural Development; Evidence-based Rural Development Practices; Research and Statistics; Project management; Seminar; and Field Study), and 4 credits for elective courses. Students will also be required to complete a comprehensive examination and an independent study (6 credits). 

Areas of Activity and Strength:
Current areas of activity and strength, which offer opportunities for postgraduate independent study and research include: Community-based resource management; Poverty alleviation; Rural credit; Sustainable farming; Population dynamics; Development project planning and management; Development project appraisal; Management information system; Technological change; Monitoring and evaluation; Primary health care management; and Environmental management. 

Career Opportunities for Graduate in MRDM:
A postgraduate qualification in Rural Development Management has a wide range of potentially exciting and rewarding opportunities. Such opportunities include employment with multilateral development institutions, government ministries, private consultant companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

A comprehensive examination is a written and/or oral examination, aims to assess the student’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding in theories of rural development and the ability to effectively apply such knowledge in rural development at different situations. 

To be awarded the MRDM, students must complete

- 7 required courses 18 credits
- 4 elective courses 12 credits
- Independent study 6 credits
Total 36 credits

Suggested Program Plan of Study:
This program is a one year full-time program, divided into three semesters, 12-15 weeks per each semester. The program plan study can be as follows:


First Semester: August - November (14 credits)

No. Course Title Number of Credits
1. Theories and Approaches in Rural Development 3
2. Economics and Politics of Rural Development 3
3. Applied Statistics for Rural Development 3
4. Research Methodology for Rural Development 3
5. Field Study Experience in Rural Development 2


Second Semester: December - March (12 credits)

No. Course Title Number of Credits
1. Evidence-based Practices in Rural Development 3
2. Management of Rural Development Project 3
3. Management of Rural Resource Systems 3
4. Seminar in Rural Development Management 1
5. Independent Study 2


Third Semester: April - July (10 credits)

No. Course Title Number of Credits
1. Local Institutional Development 3
2. Conflict Management in Rural Development 3
3. Independent Study 4


Remark: August - November  - Data collection and research conducting

                                          - Publication of research article 

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