Program Requirement

Applicants who expect to enroll in Master of Rural Development Management (MRDM) must satisfy the following criteria:

   • Possess a Bachelor Degree or equivalent in related field  
   • Have at least 3 years of experience in rural development (applicants whose experiences are less than 3 years will be considered by Program Committee)   
   • Proficient in English  
   • A minimum GPA of 2.50
   • Applicants from a country where English is not the first language must enclose a TOEFL or IELTS test result. In all cases, the result must not be more than two years.
   • A brief proposal for an independent study, including a topic, statement of the problems, objectives and expectations  

English Proficiency Test Condition

The following English proficiency tests are accepted for graduate admission, and a minimum score should be as follows: 


 (Paper Based)  475


 (Computer Based) 152


 (Academic Based) 5.0

*Test results must not exceed 2 years.  

Applicants who can not meet the minimum score of the above should do either of the following:

   • Register for 411 711 Reading in English for Graduate Student or Intensive English Course held by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and pass the course

   • Pass the English Proficiency Test of Khon Kaen University held by Faculty of Humanities and Social Scinces with a minimum score of 50 


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