Research Scholarships organized by Graduate School, Khon Kaen University


 1. Research Support Scholarship

Aim: To advance the thesis standard and quality of graduate research

Eligibility: 1. Graduate Student of KKU who enrolled thesis course.

                 2. Thesis proposal must be approved.

Funding:     Doctoral Degree:   Maximum 100,000 Baht

                   Master's Degree:    Maximum  50,000 Baht

Application Period: First and Second Semester


For further information:

Manual and forms for international student 2016

Contract for Research Scholarship, Second Semester 2016



 2. Research Publication Scholarship

Aim: To encourage the presentation potential of graduate students in academic conference: national and international level, which would reach the high quality and standard of research advancement

Eligibility: 1. Student status is active.

                 2. Full paper should be published within 6 months after graduated.

                 3. Thesis proposal must be approved.

                 4. Letter of acceptance for publication with the specification of presentation type should be submitted to the Graduate School.

Funding:    The granted scholarship is based on type of presentation:

                 1) Oral presentation

                 2) Poster presentation

Application Period:      3 periods (as indicated on the announcement)


For further information:

 Application Form
 Research Publication Scholarship Guideline 2017


 Disbursement Guideline for Research Publication Scholarship



 3. TICA





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