GS Forms



 IRO Form 1  Application Form for Graduate Study   Download
 Enroll  Enrolment Form for New Student (International Student)
 GS.9          Request of Registration for Lower/Upper Credits

 Request for Maintaining Student Status 


 Request for Maintaining Student Status (Waiting for Acceptance of Publication)

 GS.14  Request for Leave of Study
 GS.15  Request for Resignation  Download
 GS.16 Request Form for Thesis/Independent Study Submission
 GS.17  Request for Study Extension/Return to Work    Download 
 GS.18  Request for Re-entering Student  
 GS.20 Requesting Degree and Debt Checking
 GS.21 Request for Appointment / Change of Thesis & Independent Study  Advisor
 GS.23 Submit Form for Thesis/ Independent Study Proposal
 GS.24 Request Form for Changing Title of Thesis/ Independent Study
 GS.25 Requesting for Defense of Thesis/ Independent Study
 GS.26 Appointment of Thesis/ Independent Study Defense Committee
 GS.27 Report Form for Examination Results of Thesis/ Independent Study
 GS.28 Form for Correction of Thesis/ Independent Study 
 GS.29 Check List for Thesis Format
 GS.30  Form of Request for Taking Comprehensive/Qualifying Examination Download
 GS.31 Appointment Form of Comprehensive/Qualifying Examination  Download
 GS.32 Comprehensive/Qualifying Examination Results Form     Download 
 GS.33  Request to Change Type of Program Study Download
 GS.34 Request to Change Study Field
GS.35 Request for Changing Level of Study
GS.36  Request for Course Credit and Grade Transferring Download
GS.37 Publication of Thesis/Independent Study
 GS.38 Khon Kaen University Thesis/Independent Study Copyright Agreement Form
 GS.39 Request for Graduation Extension  
 GS.TS.1 Form for Submit - Receive Thesis for Students

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